© Géraldine Aresteanu

I dream of a more open, sincere, respectful, body positive, and creatively ambitious pornography. Since 2015, I’m doing my best to make new, beautiful porn happen. Sometimes in front, but more often behind the camera — or the microphones.

In 2016 and 2017, I have directed 4 X rated short films, that are screened in festivals and visible on Erika Lust platforms. Since 2017, I explore the sexual potential of sound, through audio porn immersive experiences or erotic fictional audio series. In 2019, I will be directing my first feature film.

My activities are all non-profit : every € I get from porn is either donated to associations — such as Amnesty International, to fight for sexworkers rights and against homo, bi and transphobia, or La Fondation des Femmes, to fight against online harassment — or reinvested in creative, feminist projects such as the sex positive podcast voxxx.org. 

I am an amateur pornographer. In French, amateur comes from « aimer », love. I create sexually explicit content out of passion and convictions, to propose creative alternatives to mainstream porn.